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Re: [IP] Buddy's problem, heh.... heh...

> Same breakfast every morning, hardly no deviation at all except once in a
> great while I will poach some eggs and fry some turkey bacon.
> Fasting BG    103 @ 5:14 AM    bouls 7.5  Velosulin 5:14 AM
> Eat breakfast precisely at 6:00 AM
> 1.5 cups of cooked maltomeal        66 grams CHO
> 2 sl  toast dry                                     23 grams
> 1 c 2%milk                                         11 grams
>                                                            _____
> At 8:11 AM     BG 211                       90 CHO's
> At 11:18 AM  BG  125
>     Fasting BG's may vary slightly but the outcome is generally the same. BG
> may go as high as 250 sometimes and this was with a morning bike ride. With
> a 11:1 ratio means 8.1 units of velosulin but that causes a crash by noon.
> If I just don't take a two hour BG all the numbers look good until I
Ok, if it evens out by noon if you don't look then it has to be a mis 
match of the R insulin blood level and the digestion rate of the CHO
-- namely the malt-o-meal.  This stuff is highly refined and converts 
to glucose pronto. There are two experiments you can try.
1) eat the same amount of carbo as the malt-o-meal but make pancakes 
or biscuits instead with plenty of butter or fat in the mix.  This 
will slow the absorbtion down by a lot and your bg's should be more 
stable over the period from breakfast to lunch. A cup of flour or 
pancake mix is usually 88 grams of carbo.

2) Get some Humalog and substitute that for your morning bolus. 
Inject the correct amount instead of the velosulin. It peaks in about 
an hour and should kick in at the same time as the malto-o-meal 
converts to glucose.
Take a look at the time difference between H and regular insulin


this link is on our website under Humalog on the links page

You might want to give an H/V mix some consideration.
Something like 5/1 or 4/1 would probably work good for you.

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