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Re: [IP] Got my new pump this week


Good news, I'm so glad that you were informed before going in.

>  I asked her what the tape was for that came with my supplies.  Do
>  I still need to use it after I put the silhouettes in?  She told me to
>  tape it over the top of the silhouette!  I told her I didn't think that
>  was right, as I would not be able to disconnect properly.  Thanks to the
>  information I received on this page, I learned to cut a hole in the tape
>  when folded in fourths to make a neat little hole for silhouette
>  connector.

Try using the silhouette without any additional tape.  I think it really has
good adhesive all on it's own.  Sometimes, the most discomfort can come from
additional tape, not the canula.

  She also discouraged me from using the square wave bolus,
>  said I probably wouldn't use it.  I thought that was kind of odd.  I
>  think I should be the one to decide if I want to use it or not. 

If you are using Humalog, you should look into the square wave to help spread
out its rather sharp peak.  The square wave is really good for high fat meals
like pizza, no matter what kind of insulin you use.  It's not difficult to
use.  MiniMed included it for a reason, she shouldn't have told you that it
was worthless.

Thanks for the cyber hug!

Mary Jean
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