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[IP] Got my new pump this week

Hi all-
I've been officially pumping since Tuesday.  Just wanted to let everyone
know how much easier this Web Page made my transition to pumping.  I
started reading the information on this page about 4 weeks before I
began pumping. I can't thank you enough for all the GOOD information and
tips I received.  When I went in for my training I was informed, I was
motivated, and I was extremely EXCITED!!!

The pump specialist (Patty) where I see my Endo was very helpful and
informed.  The other person
(Lois) who did the actual pump training was well.....so-so.  I got more
information from the Pumping Insulin book I ordered 2 weeks ago, (thanks
for the recommendation) and the MiniMed video tape than I did from her. 
She didn't even know how a silhouette infusion set worked.  Good thing I
practiced the night before with
a couple of them (not connected to the pump).  No problem getting them
in.  No discomfort. In fact, she
discouraged me from using them!!  I was so glad I'd been participating
in this Pumpers page for the last month. I was so much more informed
than most of the patients this lady trained, that I think I started to
annoy her.  Hey if someone is going to train me on something I don't
know how to use (that is going to keep me alive), then they'd better
know a LOT about what they're talking about.  I figured, well I'm just a
beginner, I'd better shutup and listen to her.  However, by the end of
the training session, I knew this person was simply following her
special list of instructions.  If it wasn't on the list, well then skip
it.   I asked her what the tape was for that came with my supplies.  Do
I still need to use it after I put the silhouettes in?  She told me to
tape it over the top of the silhouette!  I told her I didn't think that
was right, as I would not be able to disconnect properly.  Thanks to the
information I received on this page, I learned to cut a hole in the tape
when folded in fourths to make a neat little hole for silhouette
connector.  She also discouraged me from using the square wave bolus,
said I probably wouldn't use it.  I thought that was kind of odd.  I
think I should be the one to decide if I want to use it or not.  Also,
many times during the training, I had to ask her for my pump back and to
let ME push the buttons myself.  

Anyway, Lois the trainer doesn't work at the Endo office where I go
(thank god).  I check in daily (via email) with the specialist (Patty). 
So far, so good.  Changed my infusion set successfully (I was so proud
of myself).  Bg's are good.  No swings so far.

The first night on ,y pump, I absent mindedly opened the frig and pulled
out my bottle of NPH!  Guess old habits are hard to break.

Anyway (sorry this got so long), I just wanted to say THANKS to all you
experienced pump users and you new pump users for being so generous with
your tips, advice, and knowledge.  It's very MUCH appreciated. Thank you
Michael for setting up this Web Page.  It's been a tremendous help.  I'm
giving all of you a big computer HUG right now.  Did you get it?  Good.

Becky D.
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/