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[IP] Re: Parental support (was Relationships...)

In a message dated 98-03-06 18:07:18 EST, Becky Draper writes:

>The same guidance counselor was also shocked the day I walked into his office
to pickup an application for college.  "How can you go to college if you have
diabetes?"  I graduated from college with a B.S. in Education....

When I was diagnosed with HYPERTHYROIDISM, I was told by some quack to expect
NOT to make it to college and to expect bad grades due to some inability to
concentrate or something (dont know the exact physiology behind this)
     I have both a BA and an MA and am planning on getting more when funds and
time, NOT health allow!!!

> Overall: I'd say my family treated diabetes "too" normal. I grew up not 
> taking it seriously enough and ignored it for way way way too many years.

MY POINT EXACTLY (buddy are you listening) it is not blame or not accepting
responsibility - back then we all just tried to live as normally as we could
with a kid who happened to have to be poked 1-2 times a day - and you
CERTAINLY didn't talk about urine tests - I couldn't even say that word til I
was in college!!!

>  My parents took absolutely no interest in my diabetes.  My mom would
>  pick up my prescriptions when I asked her to, but that was about as far as
>  interest went.  Looking back, I don't know if this was good or bad.  It
made me
>  immediately take  responsibility for my own well being, 
Their laissez-faire attitude rubbed off - they also had a kid with serious
asthma and another kid that was accident prine - between the two of them being
in and out of the hospitall, the relative healthiness of ME (Who was NEVER in
the hospital for DKA or reactions) was probably a relief

> Kudos to all the parents who are members of this support group in 
>  order to better support  their diabetic children.


*-)=8 xoxx
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