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Re: [IP] Buddy's problem, heh.... heh...

Same breakfast every morning, hardly no deviation at all except once in a
great while I will poach some eggs and fry some turkey bacon.
Fasting BG    103 @ 5:14 AM    bouls 7.5  Velosulin 5:14 AM
Eat breakfast precisely at 6:00 AM
1.5 cups of cooked maltomeal        66 grams CHO
2 sl  toast dry                                     23 grams
1 c 2%milk                                         11 grams
At 8:11 AM     BG 211                       90 CHO's
At 11:18 AM  BG  125

    Fasting BG's may vary slightly but the outcome is generally the same. BG
may go as high as 250 sometimes and this was with a morning bike ride. With
a 11:1 ratio means 8.1 units of velosulin but that causes a crash by noon.
If I just don't take a two hour BG all the numbers look good until I
miscalculate or just don bolus enough. I can just look at a meal now and do
a fair job of guessing and get close. That is when we are out. I feel so
good now I don't sweat the two hour BG much. My primary physician is tickled
with my numbers but I would like to figure this out. It is all starch except
the milk. ???
    Basals are : .7 from midnight to 1:00 AM, 1.2 from 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM,
back to .7 from 9:00 to midnight.
    I have changed the bolus at breakfast, started with a lower fasting BG
and a higher BG. If the fasting BG is higher the two hour goes higher,
naturally.  If the fasting BG is lower I have to lower the bolus or crash
before noon.

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

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