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Re: Relationships and Diabetes (was Re: [IP] new 'set sites')

    Speaking for myself, Rose, Judy, Michael and the "pump-wannabes-parents",
thanks for the kudos!!  I've gradually relinquished my "involvement" in
Melissa's self-care, but she knows that I'm always "there" IF she needs me,
which is how it should be by this age (15) anyway.... Sorry your parents
weren't able to be "there" for you, but I think a lot of that " head-in-the-
sand attitude" was a generational thing.  My own parents couldn't believe how
"open" I was about Melissa's diagnosis & my own recent breast cancer
diagnosis(basically telling everyone who'd listen!!!).  Once I convinced them
it was nothing to be "ashamed" of & that it was my & Melissa's "job" to inform
people & "teach" them, they've readjusted their own atttitudes - even coming
to the local Juvenile Diabetes Foundation office (which Melissa, my husband
and I are all very involved with) to volunteer their free time!!!  The lessons
Melissa has learned from all  of this have less & less to do with
diabetes.....and more to do with how she'll opt to live her life hopefully!!!!

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