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Re: [IP] Update on Lily, sites, mixing Humalog

> Michael:
>     Excellent!!! Melissa will be happy to hear she's a "trend-setter!"
> LOL....Just curious- how are Lily's post-prandials (say 2-3 hrs after she's
> eaten)...Melissa's are still in the low 200s....
For well known (carbo known) foods and intake requiring boluses under 
6 or 7 units she is usually right on the money 100 - 130 for larger 
boluses, she gets farther out of line.  Her evening meals are getting 
up around 100 to 150 grams so boluses ( ratio 11) are now running 
double the ideal.  She varies from 100 to over 200 when she blows it 
on the carbo count, but generally she stays under about 160.

Perhaps you need to measure Melissa's various ratios.  Lily's have 
changed substantially in the last few months.
Ratio - Now - Last Year
bg/ins - - 55 - - 66
carb/ins - 11 - - 12 to 12.5

our little girls are growing up
Lily is now 5-2 110 lbs.

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