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[IP] Update on Lily, sites, mixing Humalog

First, thank you all for your responses on alternate infusion sites. 
Lily has successfully switched to the Comfort Set in the "butt" and 
is happy as a clam. Now the tummy will have a chance to heal. I will 
report on how long the new sites last at a later date.

Second, the Humalog/Velosulin mix is working very well.  Mixing seems 
to have minimal beneficial effect on the worn out tummy sites, 
however, the unpredictable highs and lows including nite-time hypos 
are now a thing of the past. 

Bolus's with a 5/1 mix actually seem to work better for meals than 
straight Humalog.  A bolus of 1/2 at the beginning of a meal and 1/2 
at the end (grazing is 1/2 at ingestion) produces a smooth bg over 
the next 4-5 hours without having to worry about square bolus or a 
low high swing due to all the Humalog at once.  High blood sugar 
bolus seems relatively un-affected by the 20% regular and brings down 
the high in the same 2 hour period.

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