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Re: [IP] I'm abandoning Humalog

  However, since I've had such severe problems, I want to go
>back to straight Velosulin for a while.  I'm not giving up the idea of
>but just need to get this straightened out.  After I am running smooth
>I very may well try the cocktail, because you have made it sound so great.
>And no, my doc is not diabetic... I wish he was!
>Mary Jean

First of all, "Shame on you" for wishing a unnormal person had diabetes. Ha.
Second, how are your severe problems now? You still using straight
Velosulin? Third, did you down load AOLBlues?

Buddy '-)   email @ redacted

    It's a slow day here and I'm going through my old mail looking for an
argument! Ha. I have already got a rise out of Katie in Houston! She's a
Cajun, like my Rosie. Always good for a scrap! LOL

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