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Re: [IP] Life of a pump

There's another reason to replace a perfectly good 3-4 year old pump: if
the warranty expires. 

I got a MM 506 in January 1995. I'd been having some problems with the clip
staying on, called them in Dec 1997, and they sent me another clip.  The
clip wasn't the problem; the back of the pump got slightly bent.  (Not
enough to notice even while staring at it, but enough to cause the clip
problem.) When I called again in Jan 1998, they said my warranty had
expired. But, since I had originally called in Dec (when I was still
covered by a 3 year warranty), they sent me a replacement pump.

MM also recommended that I apply for a new pump so that I would have a new
warranty, and I'm "in process" now -- have been for over a month. In case
anything does go wrong, I don't want to pay $395 for them to send me
a replacement. I want my insurance to cover it NOW. :-)

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