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Re: Relationships and Diabetes (was Re: [IP] new 'set sites')

Katie wrote:

>Overall: I'd say my family treated diabetes "too" normal. I grew up not taking
>it seriously enough and ignored it for way way way too many years.

My family pretty much ignored it.  I was diagnosed at 13, and no one else
has ever given me a needle, or inserted a set.  I was handed all the stuff
and expected to cope.  When I was 15, my mother told me that she had to
become detached from caring about her kids, because we were too hard on her
(my brother had severe asthma as a child - he eventually got better, then I
was diagnosed).

On the other hand, the doctors were busy telling me I would not live to 20
unless I did everything right.

I think that if it had been treated as something to pay attention to, but
not freak out over, I wouldn't have spent most of the last 18 years doing
my best to avoid thinking about it.  All I can say is that I am so glad I
got a pump, otherwise, I probably would be in serious shape.

My family is really close, but no one ever asks me how things are going.  I
am sure I could say that my blood sugar was 600 and even though they know
what that means, I would get - your mother went to such trouble to make
this meal and you're not going to eat!?!

Ahh, where's my therapist?  :')

shockingly well-adjusted but ever so slightly bitter...

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted

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