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[IP] Kid's(on pumps) mental attitudes!

I can't speak for all the kids, but I can speak for one 10 year old boy. 
I know that Ravi's attitude toward everything improved greatly when he
went on the pump.  When the sugars level out, it is easier not to be so
grumpy all the time.  I'm sure you adults can relate to that!  Other than
that, I know Ravi doesn't give the pump a second thought.  Yesterday
afternoon I reminded him that we needed to change his site.  Then and
only then did he remember that he was running low on insulin and that the
pump hadn't beeped at him.  Ravi's pump and his diabetes aren't first and
foremost in his thoughts anymore.  Being a little boy is first on his
list now.  Ravi is in charge of his diabetes, not the other way around. 
FYI Ravi has been pumping for 4.5 months now.

Rose( aka Ravi's mom)

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