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Re: [IP] What's That Wire?

I use a MM507 pump, and some time ago I modified the gray zipper case that
clips on your belt to more effectively conceal the tubing.  I cut a small
(1/2") slit in the back of the case just above and to the right of the clip,
and I run the tubing out through that small hole.  By exiting there, it runs
directly over my belt and into my trousers, so there isn't even an inch or
two visible.

With the black leather case, I found that the tubing is sturdy enough to
double it back under the top cover (the one with the snap) and run it out in
a similar fashion over the top of my belt.  This also leaves almost no
visible tubing.

At 22:29 3/5/98 -0500, Forrest wrote:
>Hi there..
>I wanted to respond to your concerns about wearing the pump.. You are
>exactly at the same stage I was when considering pump therapy... You wear
>the pump just like a pager.. it's so light you never know it's there and if
>you position it right you won't bump it into stuff and the life..  The
>tubing does stick out though.. that's the only thing I don't like.. I also
>wear a pager and wear the pager touching the side where the tubing comes
>out.. I want to design a pager that "clips" onto the part where the tubing
>sticks out and then run the tubing "inside" the pager into and under my
>shirt that way it will just look like I'm wearing two pagers or
>something..   and don't worry about the tubing getting kinked.. it's
>co-extruded, that is there is a tube inside a tube.. very hard to kink it..

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