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Re: [IP] visible pumps and wires

There are many techniques for "hiding" the pump. Most are relatively easy. 

The pocket with a hole cut in it for the tubing is easy and effective. For
females, dresses can be a little challenging but I believe we have a Howto on
that now but ideas include placing the pump in your undies or pantyhose, a leg
strap/carrier, hanging it from or in bras or sewing pockets into clothing.
There is no problem for me to tuck in T-shirts or anything else, the tubing
just goes down as far as the T-shirt.

Since, I wear mostly pants (me and Ellen Degenras) you can see my pump on my
belt 90% of the time. I am rarely asked about it and usually glad to spread
knowledge about it if I am. After a year, I am hardly consciense of it at all.

My biggest challenge was were to place my pump while at a Water Park. One day,
I wore shorts over the suit and put it in a pocket. One day, I stuck it in the
suit so I could swim and get sun. While sunbathing, I put it in a frozen
cuzzie so the insulin wouldn't bake. When I went down a 60-foot water slide I
put in a fanny pack, which is the option I now use almost all the time for
water activities. I never take my pump off. 

When it came to making love, I thought my hubby should have a say so, he opted
for me to leave it on unless of course we're doing that Tarzan thing. :)  I
sleep in the buff (as if you wanted to know that) and just leave the pump on
the bed. In a year, I've only pulled it off once. If hubby rolls on top of it
he usually says, "If you want a kiss goodnight, you'd better pick up your
pancreas." Which I always do. :)
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