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Re: [IP] What's That Wire?

At 22:02 3/5/98 +0000, Joanne wrote:
>I am a little concerned with regard to dressing while wearing a pump as
>well. (I am still in the decision stage of going onto pump therapy) I
>guess my main concern is whether or not I can dress in the same fashion
>I am used to dressing. (mainly at the office) Is there any problems
>wearing a tailored suit? I understand the pump will clip onto my belt or
>whatever, I don't really care if anyone see's it. I might care if the
>tubing is hanging out though. Should this even be a concern? Would the
>tubing ever be showing, except for a couple of inches? 
>I assume there is no problem tucking a t-shirt into a pair of jeans
>with  a belt. Does the tubing get squashed, possibly causing an
>interruption of insulin delivery?

I do this routinely and have never had a problem with it.


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