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Re: [IP] What's That Wire?

On  5 Mar 98 at 22:02, J. Richardson wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a little concerned with regard to dressing while wearing a pump as
> well. (I am still in the decision stage of going onto pump therapy) I
> guess my main concern is whether or not I can dress in the same fashion
> I am used to dressing. (mainly at the office) Is there any problems
> wearing a tailored suit? I understand the pump will clip onto my belt or
> whatever, I don't really care if anyone see's it. I might care if the
> tubing is hanging out though. Should this even be a concern? Would the
> tubing ever be showing, except for a couple of inches? 

There's usually only a couple of inches showing from my pump.  It's 
just the loop coming out of the belt pack.  If you use the short 
resevoir method and wear the MiniMed pump vertically you can have 
even less tubing showing.  There are several options - some people 
wear their pump under their clothes too - check out Unique Pump 
Accessories for details on their products.  

> I assume there is no problem tucking a t-shirt into a pair of jeans
> with  a belt. Does the tubing get squashed, possibly causing an
> interruption of insulin delivery?

The only times I've  had a problem like this is when I manage to get 
a sharp bend or fold the tubing back over itself.  As long as you 
don't get a crimp in the tubing there shouldn't be a problem.  

> More silly questions from Joanne.
> Thanks for listening
> p.s. hopefully a decision should be made in the next 4 weeks or so
> whether to do this or not. Seeing my endo. March 10. (This should be a
> fun visit!)

No silly questions in this business. Hope you have a good visit with 
your endo - and hope you get enough information to make an informed 
decision about the pump.  Of course, on this list most of us think 
that the pump is the only rational choice...

Randall Winchester

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