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[IP] Re: pump delivering?

>rast for my CT scan which would
>From: Meshell353 <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Pump Not Delivering Through the Night
>I'm hoping that someone can offer me some advice.  I've been on the phone
>twice with MiniMed today.  Some time back, I began having problems during
>night where my pump was not delivering insulin during the night.  My blood
>sugar would be fine when I went to bed, and I'd wake up the next morning
>a 500 blood sugar and large acetone.  Yet, no alarm would go off.

Meshell, sounds to me that morning highs might be rebounding from lows
during the night. You should check BS at 2 or 3 am to rule this out. Also
how is your BS when you go to bed? I had this same problem and ended up
reducing my basal rate from 11pm to 5am and if my BS was less than 100 at
bedtime I ate a 12 gram carbo snack. This significantly reduced the next
morning highs.
---Jim Lieb
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