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Re: Relationships and Diabetes (was Re: [IP] new 'set sites')

Greg Legowski wrote:

> Anyway, does anyone know of any real studies done on the effects of
> long-term-
> non-terminal illness (young-onset diabetes, DES daughters, etc.) on social
> and psychological development?  I've been REALLY curious about this for a
> long
> time, it became more prominent when I started dating my girlfriend and
> realized
> she had similar problems growing up, and now Ruth's comment -- there has to
> be
> SOMETHING there, no?  (And sorry, Ruth, if I read too much into that side
> comment ;-)


No, I don't think you did.  I spent most of my childhood trying to prove to my
mother that I was "normal" .  Of course, I think her sense of how I was not
"normal" was not mine but...  I have heard other people who grew up diabetic say
similar things a few times anyway.  Sorry to rain on the parade of all the pump
lovers, but I have to admit that despite the great things about the pump,
wearing the pump -- esp. the old AutoSyringe one -- as a teenager was frequently
overwhelming.  My stomach was always far too embarrassing to be seen -- not good
for bikinis, PE, locker rooms in college, dorm showers, relationships, etc.
And, back then with the metal needles it always hurt so I was very very careful
to limit how I moved my torso.  The needles are better now.  I wonder if current
kids are having these difficulties?  Given the great control results, I would
imagine it would be difficult for any thoughtful teenager to allow his/herself
to dwell on this too much.

On the other hand, Michael's daughter Lily sounds very well balanced!

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