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Re: [IP] What's That Wire?

I usually wear the pump in the same manner as a pager.  There is a
little bit of tubing that shows, but most people don't even notice or
think it is a pager "leash".  All I want to know is why can't they build
a pager into the pump so I don't have to wear two pagers????  Just a
helpful suggestion for future consideration. : )


email @ redacted wrote:
> Hi there..
> I wanted to respond to your concerns about wearing the pump.. You are
> exactly at the same stage I was when considering pump therapy... You wear
> the pump just like a pager.. it's so light you never know it's there and if
> you position it right you won't bump it into stuff and the life..  The
> tubing does stick out though.. that's the only thing I don't like.. I also
> wear a pager and wear the pager touching the side where the tubing comes
> out.. I want to design a pager that "clips" onto the part where the tubing
> sticks out and then run the tubing "inside" the pager into and under my
> shirt that way it will just look like I'm wearing two pagers or
> something..   and don't worry about the tubing getting kinked.. it's
> co-extruded, that is there is a tube inside a tube.. very hard to kink it..
> Forrest
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