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Re: [IP] Lily needs a little help with new 'set sites'


In response to your comment about Melissa's stomach.  I started pumping 17 years
ago at 15 and mostly used velosulin (from the time it became available).  Until I
was about 24 I had endless site probs, appeared at the time to be sensitivity to
the metal needles.  Sof sets helped a great deal.  I suspect poor control, other
illneses, and no insurance (so I'd reuse sets) during grad school didn't help.
Last 7 years have averaged on infection every 1-2 years and mostly decent sites
except all that scar tissue.

BUT I switched to Humalog in Jan.  And had all the lumps and tenderness (not
infections) you describe.  The past month I've been mixing humalog and velosulin.
Prob gone and control is much better.  So, does the insulin itself effect the
viability and duration of the site??  Anyone?

Rmhb1126 wrote:

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/