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Re: [IP] What's That Wire?

J. Richardson wrote:
> I am a little concerned with regard to dressing while wearing a pump as
> well. (I am still in the decision stage of going onto pump therapy) I
> guess my main concern is whether or not I can dress in the same fashion
> I am used to dressing. (mainly at the office) Is there any problems
> wearing a tailored suit? I understand the pump will clip onto my belt or
> whatever, I don't really care if anyone see's it. I might care if the
> tubing is hanging out though. Should this even be a concern? Would the
> tubing ever be showing, except for a couple of inches?
> I assume there is no problem tucking a t-shirt into a pair of jeans
> with  a belt. Does the tubing get squashed, possibly causing an
> interruption of insulin delivery?

VERY rarely. The tubing is so thick walled with such a hardness that it
needs to be crimped hard to stop the flow. It will become apparent
soon enough, at least at the next bolus if the basal rate is too low
to trip the overpressure sensor.
> More silly questions from Joanne.

There are NO silly questions!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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