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[IP] Pump Not Delivering Through the Night

I'm hoping that someone can offer me some advice.  I've been on the phone
twice with MiniMed today.  Some time back, I began having problems during the
night where my pump was not delivering insulin during the night.  My blood
sugar would be fine when I went to bed, and I'd wake up the next morning with
a 500 blood sugar and large acetone.  Yet, no alarm would go off.  This would
not happen everynight.  At that time, I was sleeping in a nightshirt with a
pocket on the upper left side.  I would let the tubing come up through the
neck hole and down in the pocket.  I finally decided I must be laying on the
tubing or something.  I switched to wearing th belter to bed.  By putting the
pump in that and putting the excess tubing in my underware, that seemed to
take care of the problem.  Now the same thing seems to be happening again.  It
doesn't happen everynight, and sometimes a No Delivery Alarm goes off, but
often it does not.  Right now I use the 42" tubing, but I have purchased a box
with the shorter tubing to see if that helps.  Does anyone have any thoughts
on this?  Minimed walked me through several steps with the pump and it seems
to be functioning.  This only happens during the night, and doesn't happen
everynight.  Any help would be appreciated.

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