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Re: [IP] New Meter


Please, PLEASE let us know as soon as Boehringer-Mannheim releases the
Accu-Chek Complete to the general public.  I've really missed my OneTouch
Profile since the insurance company quit covering strips for it, and it
sounds like the Complete meter has everything the Profile had and more.

I'd like to buy one YESTERDAY.  Make that two, one for home and one for
work.  No, make that three, one for my car.  I'm getting silly, but I'd
_really_ like to be able to use a meter with limited data-analysis again!

Can you provide any hints on whose cage I could rattle at B-M?  I'd make a
great beta-tester.

At 12:29 3/5/98 -0500, Ken wrote:
>I have been reading many notes regarding One Touch computer 
>download programs and would like to report on a new meter I 
>am testing for Accu-Check called Accu-Check Complete.  This 
>meter has a build in diary, trend page, graph, glucose
>ranges for time slots, averages for last 30 days, last 14
>days, last 7 days, last 48 hours, pump profile and many more 
>unbelievable features.  I will be reporting back to
>Accu-Check in one month and again in two months on this
>meter and I believe there will be very little to add.
>It is the best design for pump users I have seen yet and
>there is a reasonable program that is only PC driven that
>will give the user an  unbelievable amount of information.I 
>will be going to the Diabetes Treatment Center to get the
>information downloaded and I will report back to you when I 
>have seen the results.
>Ken Bernstein

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