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RE: [IP] spreading the skin

This information is very useful to me right now...I got "connected" to the
minimed 507 on Tues of this week and have to change the infusion set tomorrow
morning for the first time.  Needless to say, I'm a little aprehensive!  I
have really enjoyed the NOT having to give injections the last two days and my
bgs have been great.  Of course, I am paying alot of attention to what I'm
doing now.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll be needing some hints soon.  Thanks.  Sue
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DanO wrote:

> I'm going to try this as well, but it occurs to me that for a site that is
>  not 'well-padded', do you have to perhaps approach at a shallower angle in
>  order to avoid hitting muscle?  I usually use about a 30-degree angle since
>  I am also on the lean side, but I sure don't want to hit muscle...been
>  there, done that, it hurts like a son-of-a-gun, and you end up starting


I try to insert at that angle too.  I think what I _actually_ did was let up
on the spreading as soon as I felt the needle "pop through" my skin.  For me,
that is the toughest part.  Once it goes through, I can slide it easily.  Good

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