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[IP] Insurance Approval

Hello Everyone!

I have just joined the list a few days ago, and today I was called by Minimed to tell me my insurance has approved the pump for me!!  It actually took less than a month from start to finish.  I asked my doctor about the pump when I went for a regular check up February 5th, I had just recently had all my lab work done, so it wasn't necessary to have more done.  They sent me to our Regional Diabetes Center, to meet with both a nurse and a dietician.  They then sent referrals to both my insurance company (an HMO) and to Minimed.  My doctor sent her referral, with a letter of recommendation, prescription, etc. to the insurance company once I had been to the Diabetes Center.  That was sent to my insurance company just this past Friday!!  And today I received the great news!  Minimed said the pump should be shipped out to me on Friday, that's tomorrow!!  I am so excited.  Also, Minimed told me my insurance company would be covering the pump at 100%, not 90%, like I thought!  

So, I am sure I will be asking lots of questions in the following weeks, please bear with me as I learn.

Thanks for listening!!

TWalkup @Roeing.com

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/