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Re: [IP] spreading the skin

At 11:17 3/5/98 EST, Mary Jean wrote:
>Hey Yerachmiel!
>Thanks for the tip on spreading the skin instead of pinching it up.  It really
>works, even for a skin-and-bones person like me!  
>I had a site go bad on me last night and ended up changing canulas at 10:00pm.
>(And then staying up late to make sure the new site was working,  Oh joy!)  I
>decided to be brave and try spreading the skin.  I was thrilled at how easy
>the needle went in.  Perhaps this will take care of the bruising problem I've
>been having.  A good analogy would be how it is much harder to pop a balloon
>that is going flat than one that is taut.  The needle just slides right in
>instead of trying to drag all that skin with it.
>I encourage the rest of you to try this!  (I'm using Silhouettes, FYI)
>Mary Jean

I'm going to try this as well, but it occurs to me that for a site that is
not 'well-padded', do you have to perhaps approach at a shallower angle in
order to avoid hitting muscle?  I usually use about a 30-degree angle since
I am also on the lean side, but I sure don't want to hit muscle...been
there, done that, it hurts like a son-of-a-gun, and you end up starting over.


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