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[IP] Cosmetic issues

At 20:49 3/4/98 +0000, Rona wrote:
>I started wearing the minimed 507 one month ago and as vain as it sounds
>it is also a cosmetic issue for me. Did anyone ever ask why you have a
>wire comming out? Did anyone ever ask what you were wearing? What do you
>usually reply? I find myself finding clothing to cover it up, having a
>nice figure I loved the freedom of wearing the most tailored clothing.

People have asked in the past (before I discovered how to more effectively
conceal the tubing), and whenever they have, I tell them the truth.  It
isn't an issue of vanity for me, and there _certainly_ is no shame involved,
but sometimes people (unjustifiably) change their overall opinion of you
when they find out about the diabetes, particularly if they don't already
know you pretty well.  It's an unfortunate part of human nature, and I'm
sure that epileptics and people who are HIV-positive encounter the same sort
of thing.

So I just prefer not to be asked, even though I certainly don't lie about it
if someone _does_ ask.  As such, pump cosmetics are a concern to me.


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