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[IP] Medical 'advice' through the years

     I'm reading this continued 'yowling' exchange between us (diabetics) 
     and them (doctors, CNEs, nurses, hospitals, etc)
     I remember when I came back from camp at 10 or 11 years of age and 
     asked my doctor about the dextrostix I had seen there.  He told me 
     they were not really useful and that urine tests and four-six blood 
     tests a year were enough.
     I remember when i lost my vision the eye doctor told me in no way 
     would I see again (one eye bled over optic nerve, other right over 
     macula).  My regular doctor let me 'try' the pump because he had 
     nothing else so what did I have to lost (other than a $2000 starting 
     fee for 'education' and the cost of pump and supplies which were 
     completely experimental according to my insurance company 18 years 
     I remember being on 90% protean diets, 90% no 'x' diets, diets where I 
     HAD TO eat something x times a day or couldn't eat two things together 
     or who remembers what else.
     Bottom line is that WE are the ones in charge.  YES if the doctors 
     actually admitted NOT KNOWING it might help.  if they admitted that 
     certain things outside of their fields WERE GOOD (I love Pritikin's 
     diet and challenge anyone to come up with better diet for a diabetic) 
     From my own experience: once one is under control it seems (with G-ds 
     help) the long term problems will slow down, stop and even (with G-ds 
     help) reverse.
     last year I fractured my heel bone into a number of interesting peices 
     (which stayed around where they belonged).  A podiatrist told me I 
     would never walk without an operation (which was a HUGE risk as this 
     IS a long term diabetic foot).  For a second opinion I was told by an 
     orthopedist to 'leave it alone' and it will heal on its own.  When 
     after three months I started to walk and x-rays showed no sign of 
     original break he admitted to me he had taken a bet based on my 
     history that I would be OK.
     Oh well.  There is no gain in a kvetch but much gain in using 
     knowledge to keep ourselves alive (I am in process of inviting the 
     doctor who diagnosed me to my three year olds birthday tmw, (he had 
     told me I never would be able to have kids)...
     Yerachmiel Altman

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