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Re: [IP] Highs on humalog..site probs

Bob...I am having similar experiences with h/r...i use regular regular
because that is what i had at the time...i am again riding the
rollercoaster...going low during the night...was ok on straight h....when
i first started on the pump... but i have had pea sized cysts that
localized around where the teflon canula on the softsets were for the
past month...not at the skin part of the site and not where the insulin
is deposited but at the teflon...i am switching to silhouettes....the
cysts are lasting a week...they ooze insulin when i remove the set with a
tint of blood...John Walsh suggested I might start a run of
antibiotics...and the site has improved tremendously...after only 1 dose
or maybe it was johns healing touch???i have only been on the pump for 3
months and did not have this problem for the first two months but i was
sick in month 2... now i am having this "infection"? that follows the
sites...the sites are not hot...but they are sensitive...there are so
many variables...we really have to be detectives...ruth roberts...john
walsh's wife...i believe? says diabetes is not a stupid man's
disease....let us know what the consensus of people who may email you
privately...the minimed rep said he had not known that site problems were
this big of an issue...i think he might talk to the big guys about
it...michelle piper at email @ redacted yeah john said that iv 3000
and j and j bioclusive (sp?) were the only tapes that kept bugs out...the
others are just tape

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