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Re: [IP] Highs on humalog


Thanks for sharing your story.  Since returning to straight Velosulin at the
end of January, I haven't had any of those "I feel dizzy, but my blood sugar
is fine" episodes like I was having with Humalog.  I also haven't had any of
those persistent "it takes 45 minutes to bring my blood sugar from 45 to 90"
episodes, either.  I DO miss the quick onset of Humalog.  My post-prandial
readings are a bit higher than with Humalog but generally under 160 so I guess
I'm OK.  I continue to bolus right before I eat because I'm never sure how
much I'll eat till I actually fill my plate.   Fortunately, I didn't ever
develop the site-loss issues with Humalog.  But then, I was only on it for two
and a half months.

IMHO, if someone is using Humalog, a square wave bolus, or a divided bolus is
well-advised.  As Sara said, Humalog is "Rocket Insulin" and it is hard for
your body to take all that go-juice at once.

Mary Jean

> I did some hard thinking, did a real serious "gut check" and returned to
>  straight Velosolin 160.5 units ago. This is my fourth or fifth day on the
>  same cartridge of insulin. Tissue around the infusion sites remains very
>  soft, to the point where I cannot tell I had recently infused there. BGs
>  remain continuously stable, even through the third day on a Tender set. I
>  am still doing some slight basal adjustments for the difference between
>  Humalog and Velosolin, but my afternoon basal test yesterday showed a
>  continual 106 - 120 from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.
>  The biggest change is allowing sufficient lead time after boluses for the
>  Velosolin to kick in. I had always tended to eat too soon after bolusing
>  and this was one of the main reasons Humalog was great. I am "re learning"
>  this and things seem to be working o.k. Post prandial BGs are working their
>  way down as I adjust the lead time better.
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