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Re: [IP] Cleanliness


Everyone is different, so do what works for you!  I sometimes shower before
I change a site, but not always depending on timing.  I just use an alcohol
swab to clean the area and almost always wash my hands.  I usually get 6
days out of a set, and have gone longer without any problem.

I have been on a pump for 13 years with this regimen and have had only 3
pump infections, all due to the fact that I ignored the sore/redness clues.
I paid for being stupid, but they cleared up within a week.

You have to figure out where in the tolerance spectrum you lie, watch the
site for warning signs and act accordingly.  This should be the main
guideline, not how long you have been told to leave it in, IMHO.  If it
hurts and is red after one day, take it out!


>You guys are getting me spooked - I shower once or twice daily depending
>upon whether it's a workout day, and I use alcohol as I was told to when I
>started - but that's it.  I was one of those folks that ADA talked about
>(studied...) that always injected through clothes.  I have not always
>worked in a clean environment, in fact my favorite jobs have all been at
>wastewater treatment plants.  Granted, when I was working a sludge project
>I'd make an exception and go to a restroom to get clean first and then
>inject.  But I've also worked a lot of construction where we had no
>facilities and I was the only woman onsite.  (Sorry for the babbling.)

Vancouver, BC, Canada
email @ redacted

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