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[IP] Highs on humalog

Marilyn wrote
>  I ... have had many highs since I switched to Humalog a year ago.  
> These Highs of 400 scare me.  There only for a couple hours but I now 
> somehow they can be avoided.
> Do you have any ideas???

This is the type of thing experienced by Lily. A few others on the 
list have reported similar experiences. Bob B. reported some nite 
time problems of this nature. I know he has tried mixing H/R but has 
not yet said anything about the results

Mixing some R with the Humalog seems to solve the problem.
Lily uses 5/1 H/R (Velosulin actually) others use 4/1. I think I've 
heard of a 1/1

The 5/1 mix seems to make very little difference in the initial onset 
of absorbtion.  The 20% tail (small peak) at 2-4 hours helps to match 
digestion of most foods as well. Lily boluses 1/2 at start of meal 
and 1/2 at end. This works well for all except pizza and equiv. 

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