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Re: [IP] Cleanliness

Greg Legowski wrote:

> > The point is, why is this so different?  I use a bent needle.  This
> > needle is shorter than the syringe needles that I used to use, but
> > not remarkably different.
> The difference is this needle STAYS in.  It keeps the wound open.  Any germs
> that *might* have been introduced in a normal shot almost definitely *WILL*
> be when the needle's sitting there in the opening like that...
> IMHO, anyway.  I've had 2 infected infusion sites, one of which took almost
> a month to clear up completely, and I'm not taking any more chances.
> --
> Greg Legowski
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  Dear Greg,
 I haven't heard your whole story.  It sounds like you were on the pump and then
went off.  I'm on the fence now and can't decide if I should continue on my
Humalog and R  four daily shots plus NPH at bedtime or switch to the pump.  I
have had many highs since I switched to Humalog a year ago.  These Highs of 400
scare me.  There only for a couple hours but I now somehow they can be avoided.
Do you have any ideas???

Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/