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Re: Cleanliness (was RE: [IP] sore site)

> Then I swab the intended target area with a Betadine swab.  Then I remove as
> much of the Betadine as I can with a sterile alcohol swab (because I don't
> like the discoloration, and I'm not sure if the iodine would interfere with
> the Skin-Prep I'm about to put on.  The alcohol by itself is NOT much of a
> disinfectant, hence the Betadine first).  Then when the alcohol dries, I put
> down a layer with a Skin-Prep pad.  Then when that dries I finally put in
> the set.  No infections since adopting this procedure.  (My emergency road
> kit contains the Betadine, alcohol, and Skin-Prep pads, so even an emergency
> change is pretty safe IMHO ;-)
This duplicates Lily's procedure as well.
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