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[IP] Cleanliness

You guys are getting me spooked - I shower once or twice daily depending upon whether it's a workout day, and I use alcohol as I was told to when I started - but that's it.  I was one of those folks that ADA talked about (studied...) that always injected through clothes.  I have not always worked in a clean environment, in fact my favorite jobs have all been at wastewater treatment plants.  Granted, when I was working a sludge project I'd make an exception and go to a restroom to get clean first and then inject.  But I've also worked a lot of construction where we had no facilities and I was the only woman onsite.  (Sorry for the babbling.)  

The point is, why is this so different?  I use a bent needle.  This needle is shorter than the syringe needles that I used to use, but not remarkably different.   Oh, I forgot - I also reused syringes until they started hurting, normally at least a week at 4 or five injections a day.  Please educate me - I'd like to avoid infections, but want to keep this as simple as is possible.
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