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Re: [IP] sore site

    Having experienced one BAD site infection (needing antibiotics badly), one
medium site infection (which we did antibiotics to be safe) and one which we
successfully intereceded in time- here's how Melissa now handles this
     1) if the site HURTS, change within 1/2 hr if it doesn't improve
     2) if it's pinkish or sore, dribble hydrogen peroxide on it
frequently...this served to "clean out" the site.....suggested to me by
another "pump mom"/RN
     3) a topical ointment like bactroban can be applied & covered with a
     4) if this doesn't provide fairly quick relief, call the doctor....
     5) be EXTRA judicious in the future about cleanliness....the 3rd incident
happened we think because, although Melissa did wash her hands with Hibiclens,
she hadn't showered that morning, so the insertion may have "carried" in some
surface germs on her tummy

Hope this helps!

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