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Re: [IP] Lily needs a little help with new 'set sites'

I am presently on antibiotcs for strep throat. I started treatment on
sunday. The friday and saturday prior I was running irregularly high bg.
Sunday I started to run a fever and felt terrible. By midday my bg had
been on the low side. The next two days I woke up with bg of 39 and 42
respectively-very low. I don't really know the explanation for this, but
I have done nothing different.My appetite and food consumption has been
This is not always the case when I'm sick. I think it somewhat depends
on the illness itself, and the body's reaction to type of medication.
After all antibiotics can empty the system pretty well.

Rmhb1126 wrote:
> Michael:
>     Melissa's been really sick with bronchitis for several days now, so guess
> I'm elected to "speak" for her!!....
>      I actually watched her contort herself around, grab a chunk of flesh in
> her mid-butt region & insert the Silhouette.  She wanted ME to do it, but I
> kept tickling her too much!!!..Specifically, she wears bikini underwear & the
> insertion piece is about 2 inches below the panty line..Does NOT hinder her
> sitting down, but the other night, her sister shoved her & when she fell on
> her butt, it bothered her enough that she decided to change out the set...
>     After totally avoiding her stomach for about 3 wks now, we think we're
> seeing a lessening of the swollen area there & it doesn't feel as hard as
> before. More importantly, her last A1C was her worst ever on the pump, which
> her endo felt was due to the recent 300 readings she was getting when she was
> attempting to use her thighs & also due to the apparently poor absorption her
> stomach was giving. (Despite measuring 3 months worth of readings, the A1C
> apparently reflects the impact of the preceding few weeks the most.)
>       HOWEVER, she's getting very strange readings & has been low almost every
> day - but never at the same time.  The weirdest one was 2 days ago when she
> was 250 at 11:30 p.m. (having taken a  large bolus at 6:30 from her pump with
> velosulin)..An hour later she was 190...She checked around 1:30 and she was
> 140....At 2:30 a.m. I was awakened by the sound of her meter going on & asked
> if she was "low"...And she was 45!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....WHAT was she dropping so
> much on?..Could the velosulin still have been working 8 hours
> later????????...Fed her 2 juice paks & 6 peanut butter crackers (appr. 55
> grams) & several hours later she was 155 & stayed there all
> morning?????????????????????
>        Group question: has anyone else noticed a pattern of going LOW prior to
> illness or during an illness???...No fever, but the doctor dx'd bronchitis
> yesterday.....In 5 1/2 years of dealing with the mysteries of Melissa's bgs,
> have to admit THIS one really had me stumped?????
>        Sorry to be so wordy...
> Renee
> Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/