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Re: [IP] sore site

> I am fairly new at this.   I have had the MM 507 for three months and this is the first time my site as hurt for a length of time.   It has been hurting for over a day.  I changed it today.  The site> 
> It is not "oozing"  or "hot".   So when do I call the doctor and what else can I do?  Tommorrow is Wednesday and the office is closed.  So I will have to talk to a doctor on call and I am afraid he w> 
> What else can I do?  I am afraid of it getting worse, I have never had it like this.
Place a 'VERY HOT' compress on the site a couple of times a day.

Coat it with a topical antibiotic such as 'bacitracin'

I should get better in a few days.


Michael <email @ redacted>
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