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[IP] Fed Ex and UPS deliveries, was Re: Catheters

We all need to remember that the UPS and Fed Ex people are typically very
busy, working very active schedules. They may not pay careful attention to
all the details like we wish they would. Despite what the paperwork
indicates, they may do something unexpected.

I got my first pump in April 1996. I was overjoyed when I got home from
work and it was waiting on my porch! (It's not a bad neighborhood ;-)) No
signature required - great!!!

I was dismayed when I had a problem with the pump and needed a replacement
over nighted to me, with delivery scheduled for Saturday morning. When the
pump had not arrived by mid afternoon, I went to the store. Came home to
find a sticker on the door from Fed Ex (same company which had dropped the
original pump and supplies on my porch some months earlier). I spotted the
delivery truck several blocks away and gave chase, but lost it.

The story had a happy ending - I called the company, they  "re dispatched"
the driver within a few minutes and I had my replacement pump.

I had written instructions on the door, I had a signed agreement with Fed
Ex to drop deliveries within my closed in porch, but they simply did not
read the instructions ....

Bob Burnett

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