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Re: [IP] Lily needs a little help with new 'set sites'

> More importantly, her last A1C was her worst ever on the pump, which
> her endo felt was due to the recent 300 readings 
Yeah, this has happened to Lily on the last a1c, she's up to 7.4, 
previous was mid 6's

> she was getting when she was
> attempting to use her thighs & also due to the apparently poor absorption her
> stomach was giving. (Despite measuring 3 months worth of readings, the A1C
>        Group question: has anyone else noticed a pattern of going LOW prior to
> illness or during an illness???...No fever, but the doctor dx'd bronchitis
> yesterday.....In 5 1/2 years of dealing with the mysteries of Melissa's bgs,
> have to admit THIS one really had me stumped?????
>        Sorry to be so wordy...
Haven't seen this but physiologicaly it makes sense.  In the absense 
of fever (raised metabolic rate) but in the presence of infection, 
more energy is required to feed the infection AND more importantly 
the effort of breathing due to the bronchitis.  Example: My littlest 
son has a lung condition which, while he was smaller, made it harder 
for him to breath properly. The only outward evidence was a slightly 
higher respiration rate.  That was enough, however, to burn almost 
all the energy need to GROW. As a result at age 8, he is almost a 
full head shorter than his identical twin brother and 25 pounds 
lighter. He is healthy, active and pretty much over the problem. -- 
Just an example of a small but continuous energy drain.

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