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[IP] Catheters

     > This caught my eye because I also use the PureLine Comforts and 
     > discovered early on a preparatory trick that makes them a lot easier 
     > to install.
     > My trick is: Before peeling off the front half of the backing paper 
     > on the set, slightly peel back one interior corner of the _back_ 
     > half and fold it back, leaving a slight (1/4") 'tab' sticking out.  
     > Then peel off the front and install as usual.  Once the front half 
     > of the set has been smoothed into place, that little tab that was 
     > made earlier makes it _much_ easier to remove the back half of the 
     > backing paper.
     This is ONE very good trick they NEVER EVER teach you.  Another is 
     SPREADING the skin rather than bunching it (i.e. you take thumb and 
     pointer, press against skin and SEPERATE THEM, thinning out the skin)
     This sometimes (for me almost always) leads to better and easier 
     infusion insertions and better sites.

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