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Re: [IP] Buddy's reply to Profile

URTAsef wrote:
I don't consider myself "older" either, but I've had this here disease
for almost 18 years now and I've always been "brittle".  When I was
diagnosed they had "recently" introduced urine test strips so everyone
was excited that at least I didn't have to use tablets and test tubes. 
I guess that I guess I'm an "old timer" with diabetes, but at 24, I'm
far from old.

> Secondly, kiss my big ole butt buddy!!!  I know people with diabetes for only
> 5 years who have worse problems than me or you!!!   I had about 18 years of
> bad control until I went on the pump and have since been trying to turn my
> life around.  

I'm still trying... but even on the pump I feel like this disease is
controlling me, rather than the other way around.  The fact that my
insurance won't do jack for me now that I have "placed myself" on an
insulin pump only makes me feel more alone in this war against the
system.  I have to understand my diabetes since I can't afford to see a
doctor on my own and Kaiser won't even talk to me about my diabetes
anymore.  I'm buying all my supplies, including insulin now in the hopes
that I can keep myself alive and avoid any further damage until a cure
is found.

> Forgive me if I indulge in a bowl of ice cream or a few of those
> other "verbotten" treats.  Isn't tha the whole point of having this education
> and technology???
Once in a while a bit of chocolate makes the world a better place.  If I
avoided everything I've been told to avoid, all of the time, I'd be
living in a bubble.

> Not to point a finger, but maybe if my parents hadn't practically ignored my
> diabetes for the first 10 years, then MAYBE I would be a little healthier
> today, BUT they did the best with what they were given by the doctors.  In
> fact, I blame (if blame has to be placed) on those "professionals" - the
> doctors and nurses who FAILEd to educate me and them properly.  I am not
> stupid, nor are my parents, but the "professionals" I trusted or tried to
> trust did not teach me the right things.  It wasn't until I was an adult and
> understood that this world doesn't operate as it ought to and I went on my own
> search for knowledge that I could properly understand my disease
> I am certainly not gonna sit around here feeling GUILTY about something I had
> no control over.  If the ass hole professionals had taken the time to teach me
> in the frist place and then as advances were made, kept me and my parents
> abreast of them, then maybe things would be better for me today.
I agree entirely.  Same old story.  For two years I was using an
inaccurate blood glucose meter.  My a1c's were WAY out of line.  During
this time I developed many of the complications that I now have.  Not a
single person considered that maybe the meter didn't work right.  They
insisted that I was either lying about my results, not testing when I
knew I was high, not testing enough, or some other excuse.  It got to a
point where I figured that since no matter what I did I would have an
awful a1c, why bother doing anything.  Now doctors wonder why I get so
damn hostile when they start trying to tell me what I'm doing wrong when
I know a lot more about the recent research than they do!!!!

> leave me alone Buddy!!!  My stomach hurts and you are aggravating it - just
> letting you know cuz you know I love you and I cant just sit here feeling all
> pissed off  at you when I know you live within shooting distance of my daddy
> *-(=8 xoxx
> Sara   (no ever-present grin today...sorry)

Hope your feeling better. I'm pulling for you.  I feel a little better
realizing I'm not the only one who feels like they're fighting a
hopeless battle against the medical system.  I hope you win this one!!!

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