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[IP] IV 3000

The sofset QR boxes I have still have the old tape in them. But if the new
boxes contain IV 3000, I'd be overjoyed. That's the tape I use. 

I swim regularly, sit in hot tubs, take showers and baths, etc, and the
tape sticks well. It's also the only brand to which I am not allergic. :-) 
I have to change sites every 3 days or my skin reacts to the tape. But I've
never had problems with the IV 3000 peeling off. (Ok, maybe once or twice
in 3 years.)

(I'm even allergic to the little bit of tape on the "wings" of the sofset;
last week I got nearly-infected big red marks at the infusion site when I
inserted the sofset directly on my skin instead of through an IV 3000!
Michael, it was a good idea to cut holes in the IV3000 tape, but it didn't
work for my skin.)

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