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[IP] Re: Lori and exercise... again (to Kim)

> Kimberly wrote:
> If I have a very active day, I tend to get low the
> following morning rather than during the activity.  I'm still trying to
> find the best way to cope with this.  It seems that on the day after
> exercise I don't have the usual dawn phenomenon, so my increased basal
> at this time can send me into a hypo.  I've been changing my basal rate
> profile, but this is a huge hassle, and sometimes I forget to change it
> back.  Any suggestions?

I agree that it's better if you can make your basal rate match your needs,
but it is a hassle to change it for 1 day. How about the nite-bite or Zbar
snacks? Would eating one of those at bedtime on an active day release
enough glucose at the right time? 

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