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I wouldn't worry too much about getting kicked at the infusion site.  I have
5 year old twins and they have always loved to climb and jump on me.
Several times their foot or something would land right on my infusion set.
It didn't hurt any more than having a foot land anywhere on your stomach
would.  :-)  I have always used the bent needle infusion set, so I don't
think that should be a reason to use the Sof Set.  I would recommend
disconnecting from the pump during your exercise because if someone were to
kick the pump, that could hurt them, you and the pump.  It is easy to do
with quick release infusion sets (bent needle QR or Sof Set QR).  I have
just started to exercise right before dinner time.  I am still working out
how to adjust my rates, but I don't eat beforehand unless I am under about
120.  Then I will have a small snack, an apple or graham crackers.  During
exercise, my sugars have been really good.  They tend to rise later so I
think I am dropping my basal rate too much.  Everyone needs to do the
experiments for themselves to figure out how to adjust, but I really think
it is do-able.

- Jodi

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	I'm still in the midst of considering pump therapy. My 9 year old
	daughter and I take Tae Kwon Do once a week. It is a 1 hour
	(usually quite strenuous) One problem with this is the dinner I have
	eat before I can work-out. I actually leave work 1 hour early in
	to get home, eat dinner (with a little extra carb added in) and have
	hour to let it start to digest. So I usually go to class feeling so
	and uncomfortable it is hard to have a really great class. Will pump
	therapy help we in this regard. I am also concerned about possibly
	getting kicked (unlikely but possible) near the infusion site.
	If pump therapy would help in this area, we would start going twice
	Is there anyone out there who does a martial art that could offer

	Thanks for listening,
	Joanne Richardson
	(Type 1 Diabetes for 27 years on 2 shots/day)
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Insulin-Pumpers website   http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/