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[IP] new 'set sites'

Rosalind Mincher wrote:
> I am going to try the top of my backside next
> if I can reach it with the tape. Thank you for the Kendall Polyskin
> suggestion. I am going to try that too! Good luck, Roz

I am having some similar problems to Lily.  I have an average build, but
it seems that when  use any location other than my abdomen, I don't have
enough "padding" and the site rubs on muscle and gets irritated within
24-48 hours.  The problem with my abdomen is that it is one huge
cellulite depository.  I am not chubby, but since I have been diabetic
for 17 years now that site has been abused and although I have solid
abdominals, I have a slight "gut" that is of that hard, scar tissue
texture.  Not overly appealing.  I'm trying to avoid my abdomen and let
it heal.  How long should this take, or will it ever be normal?  And, I
go out dancing almost every weekend, and I am quite active especially on
the weekends.  Where can I "hide" my infusion sites and still get good
absorption?  Is there any way on a relatively slender person to prevent
the set from irritationg the underlying muscle??  I have to buy my own
supplies so I would like to get longer wear from the sets.  I have
considered using my gluteal region, but I think it would bother me when
sitting or laying down.  I'm getting into a new relationship, and I'm a
little concerned that he'll be real nervous about the site during any
"intimate" moments.  He accepts the pump and my diabetes in general, but
I really don't want him to treat me like glass, so I think we're both
holding back right now.  Any suggestions from someone who has dealt with
these issues?

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