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[IP] Removing paper backing, was Re: Catheters

Dan O:

The Disetronic Tenders (which are essentially the same as the PureLine
Comforts, Silhouettes, etc) have small "tabs" extending from the paper
backing, making removal of the paper much easier. Prior to using the
Tenders, I had to fuss with the paper backing on the Comforts, since my
fingernails always seemed a bit shorter than necessary when peeling off the

In addition, the latest box of Tenders I received is a "new ergonomic
design". The Luer lock connection on the tubing has eliminated the "wing
thingies" which used to make these sets tricky to use with MiniMed pumps
when using the "half cartridge" technique. These wings interfered with
proper insertion of the reservoir end into the opening - it took some extra
manipulation to make everything seat properly.

It appears that with this new design, there is a bit more "slope" to the
neck of the luer lock where it joins the tubing. I have noticed that this
seems to let the insulin move into the tubing more freely (bubbles don't
hang up at this junction). I don't know what the MiniMed Silhouettes look
like - perhaps they incorporate these features.

At any rate, I really like the new Tenders - they might be worth a try.

Bob Burnett

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