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Re: [IP] Hot tub

Once in a while I find that the tape on my Comfort set starts to peel up a
little around the edges.  I also know from experience that if I'm embarking
on a sweat-inducing workout, it's likely that the tape will start to release
a bit.

I keep some Kendall Polyskins around for these eventualities.  If you fold
the polyskin into quarters and then cut the interior corner off (in a
semicircle), you produce a tape with a hole in it.  You can then disconnect
the tubing from the Comfort and place the polyskin over it (with the hole
centered over the set base, obviously).  Then reconnect and you're off...

At 00:57 3/3/98 -0500, Ted wrote:
>Actually the Silhouettes, Comforts or Tenders (all pretty much the same thing)
>don't HAVE a place to put tape over them. The disk at the infusion site splits
>in half to "quick disconnect" them, so putting tape over them would be 
>In any case the tape attached to the base of the disc is QUITE strong enough to
>hold them securely.

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