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Re: [IP] Lily needs a little help with new 'set sites'

I can often (maybe 75% of the time??) get sites just above my belly
button, about the width of my fingers away from my belly button to the

I have 17 years of scar tissue and lots and lots and lots of bad
infections from those metal needle days -- the rubbing used to make my
skin rupture and then they'd get infected.  On the lower part of my
stomach, I also move farther out.  Unlike some people, I don't have
enough fat on my hips and they never work and they really hurt.  All my
fat seems to be more centered.  I suspect I have much more than Lily

I've also learned to use my fingers to thoroughly explore sites before I
inject.  Again, this is probably mostly not always successful but it
sure helps.  I don't use a regular pattern for just this reason.  I just
feel and look, especially feel for good spots.  I do switch sides of my
belly button each time.

 I've found that I tend to go through a short bad period (consistently
now for about 8-10 years) every 4-6 months, and a longer one somewhere
between every year and year and a half.  Then it gets easier again.
Maybe other factors are at work?

Not sure that will help.  Hope so.  Keep trying!

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