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[IP] Catheters

     After reading loads and loads and loads about various and assundry 
     catheters I will throw my $0.02 (plain) in (for you too young out 
     there, that's a 'hip' way to say a glass of seltzer)
     I have been on almost every approved (and some not) catheter mix since 
     pumps first released.  The metal catheters and I had an early falling 
     out (due to nickel) and so I went to a predecessor of the teflons 
     (basically we used teflon blood catheters with luer lock to the tubing 
      which was luer locked to the syringe).  Next this was replaced with a 
     variety of different fancy and fancier teflon catheters, ending with 
     the QRs on one side and the PureLine Comforts (there are another name 
     or two for these).
     Of all of them, the ONLY ONE that I haven't really had tape trouble at 
     all with is the Comforts!!!  I DO change sights every two to three 
     days because otherwise my sugars start to read
         (number of days at site)*75 mg/dl  
     rather than eating/shooting schedule.
     I have used these sets in a VERY hot tub (hot enough that a few people 
     warned me NOT to go in).  I have also had the standard 'don't go into 
     a hot tub' warning from my Dr. (but I've given up on listening to him 
     due to his ability to negatively guess everything I'm doing 
     If anyone wants advice on inserting the Comforts (this is the trick: 
     they need to be redied and NO ONE taught me how correctly) get in 

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